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Firefoxtunestwitterfied (trust me, it really does make sense)

April 10, 2008

I have finally joined to legions of devoted Twitter users to micro-blog and micro-text my way to insanity.  If you’d like to read a very good article on how to use Twitter, follow this link.

In order to take advantage of my newfound compulsion, I switched back to Firefox so I could use some very cool extensions for Twitter.

In switching back to Firefox, I was able to take advantage of Foxytunes, a plug-in for Firefox that let’s you control iTunes or or Pandora right from your browser.

This is what the Foxytunes toolbar looks like.  It sits at the bottom of Firefox.  It isn’t in the least bit distracting. Clicking on the little orange music note produces the following:
Like I said, you can control all your different media players right from your web browser!  To the left, a scrolling text box announces what is playing (not seen in the above screenshot)

Now this is where Twittytunes comes in.  It is a plug-in for Foxytunes.  It will send a “tweet” to all your followers of what you are listening to.
You can let everyone know how cool you are by showing them what you are listening to; everyone know that people who listen to Whitecross are cooler than most, eh?

There are a few different options to send to your followers from Twittytunes.

You can keep everyone informed to the websites you are browsing, what you are reading; well, you can read the list from up above.  If you are using Twitter, than this is a fabulous tool.

One other extenstion I found is Twitterfox.  It lets you see all your tweets right from Firefox.  You can post and reply to all of your fellow Twitterers!

So, if you do join the Twitter community, send me a tweet at metalman777!



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