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New Blog Segment: Lost But Now Found (music I should’ve listened to but somehow missed..)

May 1, 2008

I like to consider myself a music connoisseur. I’ve been a madly avid music buff since the age of 13 and have an iTunes library that fills up an entire 300Gb hard drive.

Every now and again I run across an album that I somehow miss and I have one of those famous “D’OH!!” moments and wonder how the heck that happened.

I had one such moment yesterday. I had put some Alice Cooper on my iPod and selected the album “Trash“. Immediately the song Poison starts playing, and I take a trip down memory lane. I’ve heard this song before, and I love the sugary pop-metal goodness of it. After Poison is finished, Spark in the Dark starts and then House of Fire and then Why Trust You and the album plays until I’m your Gun….Every song on this album is total and utter pop-metal greatness!! How in all that is good did I miss this album in 1989?

Well, you can read my story in this blog post here and that’ll tell you why I did miss it. I’m just glad I’ve had the chance to listen to this incredible album.

There is absolutely not one bad song on this thing. I guess you could call this album a love album, as only Alice Cooper can write.  The songs are fun and over the top.  Upon hearing them, I could totally imagine the glory of 80’s hair metal, with the band posing and having fun on stage. I looked up the videos from this album, and sure enough, I was not mistaken!

The video for the song Poison.

The song House of Fire

The song Bed of Nails
As you can see, these videos are great! Total 80’s hair/pop metal cheesiness in all its glory!


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