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Maybe There is Nothing Nice Back Home

May 2, 2008
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Sure was good to see Lost in top form last night.  I totally did not see Jack’s proposal coming at all!  Christian Shepherd was sure busy.  That guy is starting to give me the creeps.

As always, here are some trivia points and pieces of crucial information that might have been overlooked.  The following was taken from

Also, check out The Lost Blog and The Tail Section for some more info.



Bilson's newspaper article
  • By virtue of the Yankees/Red Sox and Indians/Mariners scores in the newspaper article, only one date is viable for the publication of the paper: August 31, 2007. Article states Yankees finish their sweep of the Red Sox with winning pitcher Cheng Mei Wang beating Curt Schilling 5-0. The only occurrence of this game is the date above. Whether this is meant to be canon, or simply a production oversight, remains to be seen.
  • Early in the episode Claire mentions her relief at not “seeing things anymore”. This is a reference to a scene cut out of the previous episode where Claire has a prophetic vision. [source needed]
  • This is the first time in the series that, while the mysterious whispers are heard, the listener doesn’t get startled — Miles is a psychic and consciously tries to extract information from what he hears. It is implied that his approach might have its merits, since he gets Danielle’s and Karl’s names and burial sites from the whispers.

Production notes

  • The Yankees/Red Sox newspaper article is by “Gregg Bilson, Staff Writer”. Gregg Bilson is the founder of Independent Studio Services, a company that produces props for the film and television industry (Bilson brand cigarette props appear in Lost). The email address also appears in the article. The address is used by Independent Studio Services. Much of the text seen in the article appears in a real New York Times article here.
  • Ben, Desmond, Locke, Michael, and Sayid do not appear in this episode.
  • John Terry appears as Christian Shepard but was not listed ahead of time in the offical ABC press release.

Bloopers and continuity errors

Jack does not have an appendectomy scar in the future, although this may be a result of the Island’s healing powers.

Recurring themes

Cultural references

Literary techniques

  • Hurley mentions more visits from Charlie than the ones seen in previous episodes. (Unseen character)
  • Even after the events portrayed in previous episodes, Jack and Kate eventually develop an unexpected off-Island romantic relationship. (Plot twist)
  • Claire is mysteriously missing, apparently having abandoned Aaron at the end of the episode. (Cliffhanger)
  • Jack, the surgeon, comes out as a stubborn patient in an operation performed on him by someone else. (Irony)
  • Jack is seen taking self-prescribed pills both on the Island and in his flash-forward. (Juxtaposition)

Storyline analysis

  • Juliet tells Kate that Jack kissed Juliet to try to prove to himself that he wasn’t in love with someone else. (Rivalries)
  • Jack is incapacitated and Juliet and Bernard must perform surgery on him. (Leadership)
  • Juliet and Bernard knock Jack unconscious during the surgery against his wishes. (Leadership)
  • Sawyer imposes himself as the leader of his pack by imposing a restraining order against Miles. (Leadership)

Episode references

Unanswered questions

For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Something Nice Back Home/Theories


  • What was Kate doing for Sawyer?
  • Why did Sawyer decide to stay on the Island?
  • Why is Jack not supposed to raise Aaron?
  • How is Christian appearing to Jack?

On the Island

  • Where did Christian lead Claire to?
    • Why did she leave Aaron behind?
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  1. May 3, 2008 12:35 pm

    great post.
    i have not watched the new episode yet,
    but this post makes me wanna watch it right now.
    would you mind if i quote some of your sentences for my own blog?

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