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The Darkness – Permission To Land

May 20, 2008

Permission to Land

Permission to Land was released in August of 2003, so I’ve missed out on this jewel for almost five years now!!

The Darkness is an over-the-top metal band that is all about how music used to be – FUN!! This is what rock is really all about! The guitars wail, the bass and drums pound your skull and the vocals….what can you say about the vocals? Totally over the top and totally catchy!! Crap, I just can’t stop listening to this album!! I have to say that I Believe In a Thing Called Love is the catchiest darn song I’ve ever heard in my life.

There is some language on the album, so I wouldn’t let your youngsters listen to all the songs. The first song is called “Black Shuck” and I’m sure you can guess what word they are using to rhyme.


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