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My Two Great Kids

May 23, 2008

I posted a blog entry the other day praising my oldest daughter! She is awesome and I love her very much.

But I have two more totally great kids as well. Bekah is going to be in 6th grade and Nate is going to be in the 4th grade. I love them bunches and have some things of theirs to share too.

Bekah is our family’s literary genius. She loves to write and wrote the two following poems. Click on the links to hear her narrate her own poems:


Long Dark Shadow

At school, her teacher has let her and her friend Hadely create a claymation video, which is below.

Nathan is a budding writer as well. Below you will find two of his stories. The first one is a fiction story about meeting a friend.

click here if you need a larger version

The second story is an opinion piece. Who would’ve known that I spawned such environmentally aware children?

click here if you need a larger version

I am so proud of all three of my kids and I want to brag on all of them because they are all so awesome!


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