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FotoMagico 2 Is Indeed Magical

June 30, 2008

I’ve been creating Photo Montage slide shows for some years now.  It has always been a laborious job, especially using Final Cut Pro.

Sure you could use iPhoto or iMovie to make slide shows, and with a click of a button you have those nice Ken Burns effects that make the pictures move so nicely across the screen.  The trouble with these two programs is the lack of control.

In order to regain some of that control, I’ve been using Final Cut Pro.  Now I could make the pictures do exactly what I wanted and when I wanted.  There was a trade off – everything had to be done manually; keyframing the start of each picture and the end of picture.  A four minute slideshow could take up to two hours to get everything in order.

So yesterday I finally find the pot at the end of the slide show rainbow – Fotomagico 2 by Boinx Software.

Man, this software is magic and should be included with every new Mac in the iLife bundle of software.

The interface is a clear and uncluttered and very intuitive.  It resembles iMovie ’07 and integrates right into your iPhoto or Aperture library.  Your pictures are easily available.  Adding music is as easy as “drag and drop”.

Fotomagico 2 Workspace

As you can see from the graphic above, your pictures are in a timeline with your music below.  Not a math whiz and have a hard time figgering out how long each picture should be on screen so it will match the length of your chosen song?  One click in the option menu entitled “match duration to audio” does all the work for you.

Transitions between pictures can be edited on the fly via a panel on the right hand column of the program.

But what I really like about this software is that I can change the background of the slide show to match a green screen.  I can export the slideshow out of Fotomagico 2 and import it into Final Cut Pro, key out the green and put in my own custom, moving background.

Fotomagico 2 is THE program I’ve been searching for.  Remember how I said that a four minute slideshow would take me about four hours in Final Cut Studio?  Well, FotoMagico 2 breaks that down to about 20 minutes.  Yup, it is that good…



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