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July 25, 2008

WARNING: the following blog contains explicit tech talk and anyone not interested in geeky web 2.0 conversations (read: my wife) might just skip this edition of life, and a little more.

Try as I might, I just can not consolidate my online life into just one place.  I’m spread out all over the place.  Check out the sidebar to the right to see most of my online communities!

More and more I’m using this WordPress blog as my central web location, with all the aforementioned websites pointing here.  There have been some useful tools that let the Web 2.0 crowd interact with one another.  I’ve been using Facebook’s Twitter application to update my Facebook status from Twitter (as I can’t access Facebook at work, but can access Twitter).  I’ve been looking for something similar for Myspace.  Can’t access that website from work either!  What, my bosses actually want me to work?

So I finally stumbled upon It is a pretty useful tool if you are spread out all over the web like me.

To the right you can see all of the Web 2.0 services that Hellotxt works with.  Truthfully I hadn’t even heard of most ’em!

Once you enter all of your information for all of your accounts you are presented with a text box to input your updates into.  I haven’t played with the picture or video feature, but it is nice to know that it is there if you need it.

Type in your update and it automatically sends it to the services you have selected.

Another nice feature of is the Social Time Line.  You can view all of your friends updates right in the Hellotxt framework.  Everything is centralized!  Facebook is not supported yet, but according to the website, it is coming soon.

Of course, Hellotxt wouldn’t be complete without the ability to send in updates via text messaging from your cell phone.  I only have a work cell with no ability to text, so I won’t be using this service.

All in all, will be helping me out a lot. I’m just glad I can consolidate a little bit!


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