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Truly a Revelation!

July 29, 2008

Third Day released their ninth studio album entitled Revelation.  Third Day has been around a good while, and they have always created some good southern tinged rock and roll.  I have very low expectations for Christian music as it tends to be stale and boring.  Third Day breaks that mold with Revelation.  The production is excellent!

You could honestly put this album in a playlist with The Black Crowe’s Warpaint and Tom Petty’s recently re-released Mudcrutch and Revelation would hold it’s own.

This entire album is excellent.  Every song is awesome!  This Is Who I Am starts it off with a great old southern rock swagger.  When I first heard the song Otherside, I could have sworn it was Lenny Kravitz!  By the time you get to Give Love, you are jammin’ to some bluesy/bluegrass melodies.

Third Day has released a phenomenal album in Revelation.  Their faith is well presented in the songs without being preachy and the music is of outstanding quality.


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