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Cyanide – Metallica’s New Song

August 15, 2008

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Metallica playing the debut of the new song cyanide, track 5 on death magnetic live at ozzfest 2008, august 9th in dallas texas. with soundboard quality audio

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Sleep, and dream of this
Death angel’s kiss
Brings final bliss
Don’t believe me?

pre-chorus 1:
Empty are they?
Death, won’t you let me stay?
Empty, they say
Death, won’t you call your name
Call your name

Suicide, I’ve already died
It’s just the funeral I’ve been waiting for
Cyanide, living dead inside
Break this empty shell forevermore

Wait, wait patiently
Pure death black wings
Unfolding sleek
Spreading for me!

pre-chorus 2:
Empty, they say
Death,won’t you let me stay
Empty, they say
Death, hear me call your name
Call your name

CHORUS (sub living for feeling/in 3rd chorus also)

Say is that rain or are they tears?
That stain your concrete face for years
Crying, weeping, shedding strife
Year after year, life after life

And in the freshly broken ground
A concrete angel laid right down
A calm anew that’s swallowed fast
It’s peace at last, oh peace at last


It’s the funeral I’ve been waiting for

lyrics interpreted by me and some taken from suggestions on metbb

Found this on youtube and got me excited for the new album.  Not exactly a return to Master of Puppets, but sure is light years better than St. Anger!!

I love the bass from Robert Trujillo.  He is turning into one of my favorite bass players!


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