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Dharma Wants You

August 23, 2008

Ok, if you are a Lost geek like me, you’ve probably already signed up for the new ARG Lost game, Dharma Wants You.  If you haven’t, then I just want to share what’s going on so far.

Above is a picture of the website…not so much information yet.  As you might have read in my previous Lost post, a new video surfaced at Comic Con 08 this year.  In it, Professor Pierre Chang begged for the DHARMA Initiative to be reconstructed.

So, if you go to, you can become a part of the DHARMA Initiative.

(you can even download your own ID cards!)

So far there is only one test.  Below is the explanation for the test.

What makes this test interesting is the fact that you can cheat!  And the cheat might be an important clue…

A blog entry on DarkUFO entitled Pressurized Spacial Judgment Evaluation = Press Space? seems to think the cheat is intentional.

Stay tuned for anymore information.  I’ll pass it along as soon as I hear it!


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