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September 6, 2008

Howdy! I have three things to share today and they are all no way related and I just don’t have the creative juice to tie them together.

The first item: Nathan played his first soccer game of the year. It was darn near 110 degrees outside today, so I give Nate some major kudos!

The second item: As I lounged in my cool house not wanting to go sit in the heat to watch Nathan play soccer, I went to the website to take test 3.  Once there, I noticed a new video message, so I recorded it to share with all you fellow Lost obsessed people.

Third item:  My wife and I are goofy and bought our dog Lucy a halloween costume.  Now, we have bought our other dog, Zorro a costume too, so we are double goofy I guess!

This is Zorro, the bat dog!  Yeah I know, pretty cool, eh?

And this is a dragon named Lucy!  She kept moving too much for me to get a good picture, and she keeps chewing on the arms.


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