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Do not install iPhone 2.1 update on old iPhone!!

September 16, 2008

So I got my wife the new iPhone 3G for her birthday.  She’s on it all the time and she is always wanting more storage space, so I thought it’d be a great idea.

But what do I do with her “old” iPhone?  We passed it down to my daughter to use as an iPod Touch.  The first gen iPhone could still be used without a sim card, as long as you had the 2.02 version of software.  It is a great gadget, and the wi-fi internet connection works great.

Today I was prompted to install the 2.1 update on Bekah’s iPod Touch (the 1st gen iPhone).  I updated like a good boy and BAM! her iPod no worky!  Said I had to install a valid sim card and activate the phone via iTunes!  Boo!

I did a quick Google search on how to downgrade the phone back to the 2.02 software found promptly found out that Apple made sure you couldn’t downgrade.  Thanks a bunch Steve!

Fortunately for me, I found this website on how to “jailbreak” the 2.1 software.  Turns out us Mac users are a lucky bunch!  This program does everything in one step, whereas windoze users have to jump through some major hoops to jailbreak their phones.  I ran the software and POOF! the iPhone-turned-iPod Touch was working great!  Yay for me!

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  1. September 19, 2008 9:12 am

    That’s the only bad thing about the iPhone. With it, Apple is sorta blundering their way through the things that most cellphone manufacturers and programmers already know.

    But they’re learning and doing it relatively quick-like! And it’s still an awesome phone. 😀

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