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Our Corpse Destroyed – Strength to Strength

September 16, 2008

Our Corpse Destroyed has finally released their new album, Strength to Strength.  For those of you who might not have heard of OCD, you sure have missed out on some phenomenal punk music.

I originally thought that the new CD wasn’t coming out until October.  I was browsing around iTunes and actually found it.


It looks like iTunes thought it would be released in October as well!  The “buy album” button worked and poof! I now own the new OCD album.

The video below plays some music from the first album as well as the second album.  The sound is different enough to be noticed.

OCD’s first album, Avenge Your City, is pure punk goodness.  Big bass lines, catchy barking background vocals, short songs that pack a huge punch – these are all on the first CD.

Strength to Strength hit me more as a metal album.  The big bass lines are way more subdued and the guitar is prominent.  The gang vocals are there, but just not as pronounced.  One song even has a mini guitar solo!  This is a great album, but I was taken aback at the sound change.  I will need to listen to this one a few more times before I absolutely love it.

I had the chance to see OCD about a year and a half ago when they came to Merced.  The put on a phenomenal show, packed with high energy and exuberance.  All the guys were super nice.  I took some pictures and made this crappy slideshow:


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