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Iron Maiden versus Barren Cross

October 18, 2008

If I had to nail down the most bestest metal band in the world, I’d have to give the title to Iron Maiden.  They’ve sold over a 100 million records, have the best vocalist and bassist ever, and just generally kick major butt.

As I posted in a previous blog entry, I never listened to Iron Maiden as a teen.  What I did listen to as a young Christian was the clean, “non-satanic” alternative,  Barren Cross.

I do have a very special place for Barren Cross in my heart.  My very first metal concert ever was in Fresno, CA, and headlining was BC!!  Well, headlining is a slight misnomer, as they were the only ones playing, and it was in a small church.  But they rocked my face off!  (I still cringe with embarrassment as I remember my mom talking to the lead singer after the show.  She told him to cut his hair!)

Remember, I didn’t listen to Iron Maiden, but my friends kept saying that BC sure sounded a lot like them.  Years later, I was listening to the local rock radio station and I heard a song that I swore was Barren Cross.  I thought to myself, how cool, playing some old Christian metal!  The DJ then announced they had played an Iron Maiden song.  I couldn’t believe at how similar they sounded!

That was the day I went and got the entire Iron Maiden discography and Iron Maiden became my favorite metal band ever!

Is it really possible to duplicate Bruce Dickinson’s soaring vocals and Steve Harris’ galloping bass lines?  Mike Lee and Jim LaVerde come as close as your going to get.  You take a listen below.

Iron Maiden – Powerslave

Powerslave was Iron Maiden’s fifth studio album and it was released in 1984.  The two most notable songs that are always garner airtime are Aces High and 2 Minutes to Midnight.

Barren Cross – 2000 Years

State of Control was Barren Cross’ third album and was released in 1989.  It is a very well produced and is still one of my favorites!

So, do you think Barren Cross sounds a lot like Iron Maiden?  If you need another listen, here are two different videos I found on youtube.

Iron Maiden’s Can I Play With Madness

Barren Cross’ Imaginary Music

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  1. October 18, 2008 4:36 pm

    Cool! I’ve never seen the video to “Imaginary Music”. Thanks for finding it!

    Yeah, Mike Lee’s voice had an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Dickenson’s voice. In high school, I was playing one of BC’s albums and one of my friends asked me if it was the new Iron Maiden album! The only thing missing for the likeness to be complete is the twin-guitar line attack that Maiden has in a lot of their songs.

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