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Ratt versus Whitecross

October 21, 2008

So our music comparison continues.  We’ve looked at Iron Maiden and Queensryche, two 80’s metal icons.  The next two bands to look at are Ratt and Whitecross.

Ratt was one of my favorite bands and their music was as catchy as it was flashy.  Their lyrics were a little less than uplifting, so a Christian alternative was “needed”.

Enter Whitecross, one of Christian metal’s finest bands. Whitecross was formed in 1986 and they sounded incredibly like Ratt.

Ratt – Round and Round

Whitecross – Because of Jesus

(sorry this post is so short! had a root canal today and this is about all I can manage!)

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One Comment
  1. October 21, 2008 2:37 pm

    I loved Whitecross’ first album! I was kicking myself for years afterwards for giving the tape to a friend in high school. 😀

    Of course, Rex Carrol belongs to that group of a select few unsung guitar heroes in the christian metal kingdom. Very few could play like him! (Other christian guitar heroes include George Ochoa, Bob Hartman (yes, I know… not metal), David Zaffiro and, of course Oz Fox!)

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