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My Worst Nightmare Come True

October 25, 2008

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love, love, love music.  Over the years I’ve acquired a massive music library, filling a 300 gigabyte hard drive full of mp3s and concert videos.  I moved everything onto an external drive a while back, just so all my beloved files would be safe.

Well, this weekend I had to move my computer desk so the carpet guys could lay some new carpet.  I took everything apart carefully, storing all my cords and external drives (I have two) in a place where no damage could come to them.

The carpet guys came and went and I get back to the task of putting my computer back together.  I plug in both my external drives and see that only one of them is turning on.  I start to get very nervous.  One drive is my backup drive for Leopard’s Time Machine, the other is my beloved iTunes Library hard drive.

Please God, please let the Time Machine drive be the one not working!!!  PUH-LEASE!!

Well, either God is just laughing or He is crying with me as it is my iTunes Library drive that won’t turn on.

I’m a little resourceful.  I go to a local computer store and buy a new external casing, hoping the controller board is just bad on the Maxtor casing it came in.  I get everything installed….and power it up….and nothing….

CRAP!! So now I’m at a loss.  Please, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know what to do!  The drive won’t power on at all and I hear data recover costs an arm and a leg.  Google searching hasn’t yielded any good results as of yet.

I have been known to pirate an album or two, but I’ve also legally bought an amazing amount of music.  Will Apple let me re-download it?


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