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Quicken Financial Life for Mac

December 30, 2008


I blog about a wide variety of topics.  I’ve been a little surprised that my most read entry is about Quicken and its alternatives for Mac users.  (Read that entry here)

I was a little shocked that I’m the number two blog when a person googles Quicken alternatives!  Check it out below…

Yeah, that is pretty sweet for a small time blogger like myself.  I am also curious at the pressure to write another blog that will garner that many hits.  I hate doing anything for popularity’s sake, and I’m not writing a follow up entry for that purpose.

I have stumbled upon some interesting Quicken for Mac news.  It is concerning Intuit’s new product, entitled “Quicken Financial Life for Mac“.   It supposed to be a redesigned Quicken that is specifically built with Mac users in mind.

I captured a bunch of screenshots and will post them here.  But the best post I’ve found so far on this subject is from Apple Insider.  Click right here to go to that article.

I also try to sign up to be a beta tester for the Quicken product, but alas, I was rejected!  My “you are not cool enough to play with our software” letter is below:

So I don’t have any hands on experience to report.  Hopefully Intuit will release a product that is as good as their windoze version. The screen caps from Apple Insider look promising.  Below are the screen caps I took directly from Intuit’s website.

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