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Jughead recap

January 29, 2009

I’m so glad that Lost is back on!  What other show on tv to give you answers, only to make you ask twice as many questions.  Love it or hate it, Lost is at the top of its game as episode 3 of season 5 premeired last night.

Normally I would copy and paste the episode’s recap from (which you can still find here), but my wife thinks it is jut too much to read.  So instead, I have read dozens of blogs today and will bring to you all the juicy tidbits I found.

  1. Remember Boone’s story about his nanny? That he was a snot of a kid whose nanny would come every time he rang a bell, so he rang it constantly, forcing her to run up and down the stairs, until she tripped, fell and broke her neck? Then we had Ana Lucia’s mother, whose name was Teresa Cortez. And now… Daniel Faraday apparently destroyed the life of a woman named Theresa by giving her the Eloise experiment and not telling her to grab a constant along the way. But why is she comatose and not bleeding from the nose? Somehow she’s jumping through time, but not to the extent others are.
  2. Okay, “Jones” actually being Charles Widmore was the biggest squee moment of the episode for me….I loved that he refused to answer Widmore’s question about Penny, but I don’t know why Widmore wasn’t even more direct about her safety, and simply said, “Ben Linus has vowed to kill her if he finds her. Don’t let him find her.” Widmore doesn’t know that Ben is WITH Faraday’s mom right now, and he’s just walked Penny right into the trap. Something doesn’t feel right about this. I think Widmore is more omniscient than that. Hmm… (from Nik at Nite’s Lost Blog)
  3. Richard has lived on the island forever.  For all intents and purposes (is that right?) Richard can and will live forever.
  4. Richard talks about the US Army as if it’s Dharma, I wonder what the difference is.  Did the Army start Dharma, or were those military tests nothing more that bomb tests?
  5. The first time I watched this show I suspected that Ellie was Penny’s mom, but as I rewatched parts of it to write this revlysis I began to suspect that she is Ms. Hawking (I got her name right this time).  If you watch again it really seems like the actress is doing her best Ms. Hawking impression.  And Daniel did say they he recognized her.
  6. I think we were supposed to see the significance of Juliet choosing to go with Sawyer instead of Locke.  If she had chosen Locke then it would have proved that she was still an Other at heart.  It’s a pretty repetitive realization, but the writers continue to emphasize it in case we still doubt her devotions.  (from Not Confused Just Lost)
  7. Note that Miles gets his vision of the four US soldiers when they walk over the ‘fresh grave’, meaning he can’t just commune with the dead haphazardly. It seems he needs to be in proximity to the corpses, which explains why he asked to be led to Naomi’s body. That doesn’t explain him being able to read the spirit of Mrs. Gardner’s grandson in his flashback though, although Miles did specifically call for his spirit that time. But even stranger, notice how Daniel doesn’t question Miles ability at all – he simply asks if the spirit told him what year it was. I’m thinking maybe Daniel had prior knowledge of Miles abilities, or maybe happenings on the island are so way far out there that no one really questions such unbelievable things much at this point. OR…… Maybe Daniel’s a bigger key to the time travel puzzle than we originally thought: accumulating past and future knowledge the same way Ben and Locke currently are. We already know he’s got a constant, which will keep his mind straight as he skips through time. We know for a fact that he eventually arrives at the Dharma era, and probably a whole lot of other time points. His brain is sharp, and the fact that he believes in and comprehends most of what’s going on can’t hurt either. And don’t forget that Daniel also arrived on the island with existing precogniscent knowledge, as evidenced by him trying to predict the cards from last season. The donkey wheel hadn’t even been turned yet.  (from Dark UFO)
  8. Follow this link to see an article from Popular Mechanics and see if the writers and makers of Lost got close to reality concerning Jughead, the hydrogen bomb on the Island.

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  1. Cindy Latronica permalink
    January 29, 2009 8:37 pm

    I am loving Lost! And I do love this format better than cut and paste!

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