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to Dream, to Dream

January 30, 2009

Ever get that hankerin’ for a new toy?  I’ve been feeling the urge for a new MacBook, but gracious, I just don’t have $1500 to throw around.  Still, it is fun to jump on-line and do the internet equivalent of window shop.  Here are some interesting facts I found.

A new MacBook and a new 20 inch iMac are just about the same price!

A lower end aluminum MacBook starts at $1299.  To the left, you can see that it comes standard with 2 gigs of RAM and a 160GB hard drive.  It’s actually not a bad deal.  It’s portable and light, has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The only drawback is the entire lack of firewire!  I’m still trying to figure out why Apple removed this feature! (maybe they are getting ready for USB 3.0)

The MacBook would make an awesome addition to my Mac family.

But then the greedy, Tim The Tool Man Taylor “more power” part of me takes over so I think it would be nice to have a brand new iMac.  My brother in law has a 24 inch model and it is super sexy beautiful.  I practically drool everytime I see it!

At first glance, the 20 inch iMac is actually cheaper than the 13 inch MacBook.  But the oberservant observer will also note that the 20 inch iMac only comes with 1 gig of RAM and a 250GB hard drive.  The graphics card is much beefier than the MacBook.  Of course, you lose the mobility of a laptop.

Being the techno geek that I am, I of course, would have to upgrade if I were either one of these beautiful machines.

This is where the pricing really levels off.  After upgrades, the two computers are just about $25 apart!

After upgrading the MacBook to 4 gigs of RAM and the hard drive to 250 gigs, the total cost is $1549.  I guess that ain’t so bad.  The only other two items I would like would be a Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter ($29) so I could connect a bigger monitor to it, and a notebook mouse so I could navigate the computer easier.

There is the obligatory RAM upgrade, to 4 gigs.  Since the iMac is a desktop, I’d like to have a 500 gig hard drive too.

I hate Apple mice.  I’d buy a nice Logitech or something.

So, if anyone has an extra $1500 they want to throw my way, feel free!

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  1. January 30, 2009 8:12 pm

    I amwith you on this one brother. I’m not too keen on portables (as I type on one now ;)), but I’ve drooled over the 24″ imac for awhile. My regular computer is a 340MHz G4 tower. I’ve upgrade that thing to death! But it still is a great machine. If you get more than $1500 from other people, slide a little my way. 🙂

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