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The Little Prince Recap

February 5, 2009
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The Little Prince” is the fourth episode of Season 5 of Lost, originally broadcast on February 4, 2009. Kate discovers that someone knows the secret of Aaron‘s true parental lineage. Meanwhile, the dramatic shifts through time place the lives of the remaining island survivors in extreme peril. (

Key points and things obsessed fans should note:

  1. A water bottle featuring Ajira Airway’s logo was seen in a boat on the Island. Juliet seems to know about the Ajira company, describing it to the other survivors as an airline based out of India which has flights across the entire planet.
    Ajira Airways is a fictional airline company whose logo appeared briefly twice during a Lost Season 5 promotional music video on the ABC website, which featured future episode clips and the music video to the song “You Found Me” by the band The Fray.
    The website sports their tagline “destiny calls”; the same as the promotional tagline being used to promote the fifth season of Lost. (
  2. The name on the side of Ben’s van, “Canton Rainier” is an anagram of “reincarnation.” Does that bode well for John Locke’s dead body?
  3. Sun‘s surveillance report is partly legible. It has since been discovered that the report is from a Lost unrelated online game; it is therefore doubtful that Lee Chin or Melissa will figure prominently in future episodes. Full Report.
  4. Yes … we see Danielle Rousseau before she became Crazy Danielle Rousseau. But that’s not the juicy bit.In the midst of the raging storm, Rousseau (now being played by a younger actress) and her crewmates find an unconscious man floating on a piece of wreckage. They haul him to shore, and that’s when we see …JIN! JIN LIVES!Jin survived that massive freighter explosion (he was near the stern when that puppy blew), and now he’s been transported back 16 years to those halcyon days before Rousseau’s crew is beset by a horrific contagion and Rousseau’s baby (she’s pregnant at this point) has yet to be stolen by Ben. (from The Lost Blog)
  5. Rousseau’s ship was named Bésixdouze, which translates to “B six twelve.” And B612 just happens to be the name of the home asteroid once inhabited by The Little Prince. (from The Lost Blog)(also see The Mirror Matter Theory)
  6. So the nosebleeds happen in this order: Charlotte, Miles, Juliet. If they’re supposed to happen to people more quickly the longer they’ve been on the island, and Juliet’s been on there for 3 years (and notice hers happens after about the same number of flashes as Desmond’s did in The Constant, and he’s also been on the island for 3 years), then it stands to reason Miles was there slightly longer than Juliet, since his happens right before hers, and Charlotte much, much longer, since she starts bleeding about 4 jumps before the rest of them. Could this be a suggestion that the baby we saw in the first episode was Miles? Could Miles have been Dr. Chang’s son? When did Charlotte come to the island? Could the reason Miles doesn’t remember be because he was far too young? (from Nik at Nite)
  7. When Rousseau and her crew are on the boat, they keep referring to Montand by name. Montand was the guy Rousseau mentions in the season 1 finale when they’re heading to the Black Rock, and she tells them Montand lost his arm. (from Nik at Nite)
  8. (time jumping timeline) FLASH ONEDeparture Point: 1954, the Others vs. the H-bomb testers era of the Island. (As seen in last week’s episode, ”Jughead”)

    Arrival Point: November 2004 — the night Boone died and Claire gave birth and Locke made the Hatch throw a blazing bat signal into the sky.


    Departure Point: November 2004

    Arrival Point: Hard to say. Clearly not a moment we’ve seen yet in the series — so I’m going to theorize that this moment has not yet happened: The castaways landed on a point in time after the departure of the Oceanic 6. That ”Ajira Airlines” water bottle? I’m thinking it came from the airplane that’s going to bring the Oceanic 6 back to the Island. Which means that it’s possible that the other party in the other outrigger — the ones that started firing on Locke and company — was Jack and company.


    Departure Point: TBD. ”Thank you, Lord!” Sawyer bellowed as the screaming came across the sky to carry the castaways away from their attackers…

    Arrival Point: Only to drop them in the middle of a storm at sea sometime in 1988. (”I take that back!” Sawyer retorted to the skies.) According to most Lost sources, 1988 was the year that Danielle Rousseau, 16 and pregnant, washed up on the Island with a bunch of French scientists. More on them next week.

    BURNING TIME TRAVEL QUESTION NUMBER 1: How come the castaways got to keep the outrigger when they did the time warp shuffle? Shouldn’t that have been left behind in the previous time zone?

    Answer: The question was actually asked and answered two episodes ago in ”The Lie.” If you recall, Juliet theorized that time travelers get to keep the stuff they’re holding or sitting in when they jump. (Also see: the compass that Time Indeterminate Richard Alpert gave John Locke to give to his 1954 self.) In other words: How about we just roll with this?

    BURNING TIME TRAVEL QUESTION NUMBER 2: It appears that only the castaways are traveling through time. Which means that the Island isn’t traveling through time. Maybe. But we saw the Island disappear in the season finale. So…uh…huh?

    Answer: I know this issue baffles many of you. Let’s make an appointment to discuss all things time travel in next week’s Doc Jensen column, posting Wednesday morning. (from Doc Jensen)

  9. The Ultimate Theory in Course Correction (a.k.a. “Oh Shutup Vozzek, That’s Just Preposterous!”)
    It was creepy, it was eerie, and it was my favorite part of the episode: Sawyer & crew arriving back at ‘their camp’. Someone’s been eating all the porridge, drinking all the Dharma beer, and breaking the all island’s leash laws. Locke pointedly asks “I wonder when all this happened?” From the very beginning of this scene, something seemed off. And from the minute Juliet found the Ajira Airways water bottle to the final seconds of the bullet-ridden canoe-chase, I realized we were looking at the future.

    For a moment, let’s imagine that the 815’ers failed at whatever the island needed them to do. Going with Hawking’s theory of course-correction, the island would still need to bring people to it. Jacob would still need some help. What we saw here was the next generation of LOST: one in which the plane that crashed came from India, one in which the crash survivors were just different people playing the same roles. Most things would occur along the same lines: they’d build a camp, they’d be terrorized by the smoke monster, there would be lots of fighting and gunfire. Eventually they’d find the remnants of the 815 camp and wonder what the hell it was, much the same way our characters found the Black Rock and the 4-toed statue. They’d also scrap with the Others – early and often.

    So now let’s pretend for a minute that the group in the other outrigger canoe was comprised of the flight “518” survivors. They see our main characters and assume they’re the Others. They give chase, take some shots, and then suddenly Locke and Sawyer’s canoe is whisked away: conveniently time-skipped back to the past (pouring rain and everything).

    Desmond’s been saying it since season 2: “See you in another life”. Effectively this IS another life, just as the off-island world that the O6 now play conspiracy games in is another life as well. Another prophetic old statement by Jin to Hurley: “Everything is going to change”. Imagine that every time something changes we see another life… if the change is a minor one, all you’ll see are a few picture frames changing style. If the change is significant, and happens at the root level of LOST’s story, maybe another whole plane crash happened. I wouldn’t even be surprised to find out that Locke was leading his own group of Others in the first canoe, effectively chasing a version of his former, past self. Bananas? Definitely! But remember Frank Duckett’s words: “It’ll come back around”. Not to mention this would also make Sawyer’s sarcastic “Other Others” line ironically close to the truth

    What we saw this episode was a really cool, really dark mirror universe of our existing storyline. It happened very fast, and we weren’t meant to see much. Reality turns out to be a very thinly veiled curtain on LOST, and the writers are yanking on it. But their story is their story, and it totally rocks. (from Dark UFO)

Here’s the trailer for next week’s episode:

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  1. matthewdavis permalink
    February 7, 2009 5:23 pm

    seriously…that just blew my mind to pieces. I need to watch that episode again!!

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