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Impellitteri – Wicked Maiden

March 3, 2009

I posted a new video by metal shredder extraordinaire Chris Impellitteri on my las blog post.  His band, Impellitteri, has just released a new album entitled Wicked Maiden and it just might be the best album of 2009!

Just in case you missed the video, here it is again.

Yes, it is metal in all its glory!  And yes, that is Rob Rock on vocals again!  Rock and Impellitteri form an incredible writing team.  Below is the track listing:

1. Wicked Maiden
2. Last Of A Dying Breed
3. Weapons Of Mass Distortion
4. Garden Of Eden
5. The Vision
6. Eyes Of An Angel
7. Hi-Scool Revolution
8. Wonderful Life
9. Holy Man
10. The Battle Rages On

Every song on this record is pure, undiluted freakin’ metal.  Chris Impellitteri is an old school metal guitarist who brings some phenomenal chops to the record.  How in the world can this guy play guitar so fast?  Rob Rock brings his soaring vocals to the mix to create a perfect metal record. The mix is awesome.  Drums and bass are clear and not muddy.

I don’t think this album will be leaving my iPod anytime soon!


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