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Namaste Recap

March 19, 2009
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Namaste” is the ninth episode of Season 5 of Lost and the 92nd episode overall. It was originally broadcast on March 18, 2009. The return of his old friends to the Island forces Sawyer to struggle to keep his lie concealed. (

  1. Although Ajira Airways Flight 316 travels through a time flash (going from night to day) just before landing, the plane and its remaining passengers are implied to still be in 2008 because a title card in the episode states that the 1977 scenes take place “Thirty Years Earlier”.
  2. As the plane’s co-pilot issues a Mayday call, he picks up a transmission of a voice reading The Numbers. The origin of this transmission is a mystery, as DHARMA’s original radio message was replaced by Rousseau‘s distress signal in 1988, and that broadcast was subsequently terminated in 2004 during the events of “Through the Looking Glass“. (1-2 from
  3. This episode’s ’70s segment formally introduces / reintroduces a number of secondary characters:

Radzinsky — A balding, cranky Dharma scientist who spends his downtime constructing scale models of the Swan station’s computer room. Radzinksy’s involvement in the Swan’s development has a whiff of irony since we know he eventually uses a shotgun and his own brain matter to redecorate the Swan’s ceiling decor.

Ethan — Last week, we saw Juliet rejoice at delivering Amy’s baby boy. This week, she throws up in her mouth a little when Amy reveals that her new son’s name is Ethan … as in Ethan Rom … future Oceanic faker, Claire kidnapper, and Charlie hanger. The most intriguing part of this revelation is this: How does Ethan go from being Dharma born-and-bred to a homicidal Other?

Pierre Chang — Jack is formally processed by Dharma’s instructional video host.

4. Little Ben — We first met innocent Benjamin Linus during the flashback sequences of “The Man Behind the Curtain,” but Little Ben is bumped into the direct narrative with a foreboding scene at the conclusion of this episode. A simple sandwich exchange between Little Ben and Dharma’s latest prisoner, Sayid, suggests that Sayid will soon put Daniel Faraday’s “you can’t change the timeline” theory to the test. (3-4 from from The Lost Blog)

  1. I know how the time jumping baffles some of you. So let’s establish temporal context. It seems those Ajira 316 castaways and the Oceanic 6/Left Behinders are separated by 30 years of time. While there’s always been some debate as to when exactly the Oceanic 6 left The Island, I’m going to take the conservative estimate and say it was late December 2004. They spent three years away from The Island before boarding Ajira 316 to head back. Hence: The Ajira/Hydra castaways are in 2007. The time travelers are in 1977.
  2. In the opening sequence, we saw that after the Island beamed Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid off of Ajira 316, Captain Frank Lapidus spied a makeshift runway on Hydra Island and successfully executed a landing.
    I f I am recalling the Lost lore accurately, the Others were working on the landing strip during the time that Kate and Sawyer were stuck in the polar bear cages. In fact, I think Project: Runway was the hard labor the fugitive lovers were assigned during their imprisonment. Sure, the Others may have been making the strip for their own use. But I’m liking the idea that they were making it because they knew — or more precisely because Ben knew — that it needed to be there in the future for Ajira 316. It certainly fits my long-held contention that Ben’s machinations have been informed by knowledge of future events.

7. Sun and Lapidus took one of the Hydra Station outriggers and paddled their way to the Island. As they approached, we heard Smokey’s distinctive rattle — and then the monster retreated. Arrrgh! Who dares waddle onto my beaches?! Oh. You guys. Yeah, you’re all right. Welcome back. Help yourself to the Dharma beer in the barracks. A supernatural entity will be along in a minute to download some crucial intel. And sorry about the mess. Mercenaries, you know?

8. Said spectre was Jack’s poltergeisty pop. Although Ghost Shephard seemed to be slightly more tangible than your typical Casper, didn’t he? And interesting how he turned on the lights in that cabin and then led the way with the flashlight into the old Dharma orientation center. Does Christian actually need that light, or was he just being hospitable for his more conventionally humanoid guests — part of his duty as an otherworldly psychopomp, lighting the way for afterlife travelers? (PYSCHOPOMP! PSYCHOPOMP! PSYCHOPOMP!)

9. One other thought: Was Lost trying to suggest a connection between Christian and Smokey by having the two in the same vicinity at roughly the same time? Could Jack’s father be the monster in human form? (5-9 from Doc Jensen)

10. Okay, so we hate to make it seem like anytime there’s a small amount of smoke in an episode of Lost that it means that Smokey was there, but rewatching the scene where Christian opens the door in Othersville, there is obviously quite a bit of what looks like smoke behind him. Then, as they enter the house, the door opens to a strange squeaking sound and the smoke swirls through the rooom. So is this Smokey, and proof that somehow Smokey is involved in the Christian sightings? Or is this mearly a smoky room and the wind is blowing through the door, making it swirl? I, for one, think that its Smokey. (from Sledgeweb’s….Lost Stuff)

11.  If you rewatch the scene where Christian takes Sun into the house, at the end of the scene, if you watch very closely, you’ll notice that there is another woman in the room. At the very end, just after Christian says “You have a long road ahead of you,” and it goes to a tight push in shot on Sun. Over Sun’s shoulder you can clearly see a figure, that appears to be a blond female, move her head. So are we to believe that Claire was in the room with Christian?

12.  All of this reminded me of my wild theory, proposed two weeks ago, that season 5 of Lost is running parallel to season 2. Because this bit of business totally evoked for me the Henry Gale storyl ine of the show’s second season, when the castaways nabbed themselves a man they suspected to be an Other. And they were right. Which leads me to my big theory of the column: I think that the Others/Hostiles got their hands on Sayid prior to his capture by Jin. I think they’re blackmailing him into doing something for them that will prove detrimental to the Dharma Initiative and put Sawyer’s standing at risk. And remember how Sayid was allegedly feuding with Ben? How he made that big show to Hurley about how he was never going to trust Ben ever again? Well, I’m entertaining the notion that that was all a ruse, too — all part of Ben’s scheme to manipulate and herd the Oceanic 6 back to the Island. Crazy? Totally reaching? My guess is we won’t have to wait too long to find out….(11-12 from Doc Jensen)

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  1. March 19, 2009 3:46 pm

    I’m still trying to figure out why Sun and ben are in a different “time zone”. And I’m going to rewatch and see if I can find Claire…. Totally did not see that last night!!! Freaky!!

  2. matthewdavis permalink
    March 19, 2009 4:25 pm

    all of the above means exactly THIS: I want to watch a 22 hour finale of lost next week. All of this every wednesday business is getting to be too much for me…

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