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Some Parents Are Just Plain Idiots….

April 9, 2009

I picked this picture because Nate's team is the Yankees. That's the only reason...

Just a quick rant…..

Nate had a ball game today and well, conditions were not conducive to playing!  It is 54 degrees and raining like crazy and the team we are playing belongs to the league president and he won’t call the game!  IDIOT!

Our coach actually had to forfeit so we could get our kids out of the rain.  And when our kids started walking off the field, the parents of the other team started booing and shouting “What about the kids!”

Am I just delusional or do I not want my kids out in that kind of weather so he doesn’t get sick and ruin his entire Easter break?

Ugh, some parents are just plain idiots…


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